Generic Levitra is brand-new medication highly valued for its strong, pronounced potency enhancing effect. The drug offers a range of advantages over Viagra, featuring less contraindications, working well under the influence of alcohol and even in diabetic patients. The preparation is effective even in cases where the Viagra is useless, and what is particularly important, it is still not addictive. Levitra demonstrates impressive efficiency capabilities within up to 12 hours after the initial dosage is administered, which is significantly longer than that of Viagra, but less than Cialis.

Levitra has entered the market after the pioneers Viagra and Cialis. Its development took into account all the shortcomings of previous drugs. Therefore, the drug boasts indisputable advantages, which contributed to a lightning speed popularity gain in many countries around the world. Thus, one can purchase Levitra online virtually in any city of Europe, America and Australia; additionally, vital is the fact that generic vardenafil online sales level has also experienced an incredible surge.

The active substance of Levitra is represented by Vardenafil, developed in 1994 by pharmacists from Glaxo Wellcome Company (initially designed as vasodilator). The German company Bayer AG in 2005 bought the substance and created Levitra on its basis – the drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Levitra provides high-quality and long-lasting erections, increases sensitivity of the genitals and grants more vivid sensations during sex, making orgasms intense and deep.

The recommended dosage of the medicament equals 20mg (interesting fact: generic levitra 20mg is one of the most popular packages). However, there are cases in which Levitra pill is divided into 2 parts and the desired effect is achieved.

Levitra, unlike Viagra, has fewer possible side effects, though it has a slightly less pronounced effect. Levitra is often used in case of drinking alcohol – it is more effective than other means for potency in the case when an individual wants to get the desired action in the presence of alcohol in the blood.

Another noteworthy feature of Levitra is the diminishing of side effects with repeated use (while the effectiveness of the drug remains the same). However, the pronounced side effects in the use of Levitra are observed in a small percentage of men. Levitra is considered to be more efficient than Cialis, although Cialis lasts longer.

The action of taking the drug occurs within 20-30 minutes. Its duration is the average of 6-8 hours. This is significantly higher than that of Viagra (3-4 hours) and smaller than that of long-lasting Cialis (up to 36 hours); though, as mentioned, the active ingredient is rarely causes side effects. Additionally, the medication has a much shorter list of contraindications than the one in its predecessors. Moreover, adoption of the food does not influence its effectiveness.

Indications for use

Generic Levitra is prescribed in the following cases:

  • erectile dysfunction of any severity and any origin: psychological, physiological, or mixed;
  • to prevent erectile dysfunction;

to enhance the sensations during sexual intercourse and improve its quality (the feature provides the gentle influence of the drug of the body).


The drug application is not recommended to be initiated in case of:

  • congenital long interval QT;
  • serious violations of liver and kidneys;
  • anatomical deformation of penis;
  • severe diseases of heart and blood vessels.

Levitra side effects

Side effects when taking generic Levitra are extremely rare. However, if you experience dizziness, headache, heat in face, jumps in blood pressure, disorders of color perception and vision, diarrhea, nausea, swelling of the nasal mucosa, consult a doctor.

Dosing and Administration

The most commonly used dose of the agent is 20 mg. But to start a smaller dose can be recommended. Generally, the maximum effect requires high doses. In any case, selection of the optimal dose should be discussed with the doctor. Method of dosing depends on the shape of its release. Tablets and capsules are swallowed with plenty of water. Gel and chewable tablets are characterized by pleasant taste and do not require water to be consumed.

Overdose cases

Even the 20mg may cause an overdose, though such cases are extremely rare. Overdose can happen with a reduced period of admission (thus, it must be not less than 24 hours). If you experience symptoms after using the medication, consult a doctor as soon as possible and cease drug application.